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The mission of Dr. Robert H. Faulkner Academy is to offer a distinctive choice in education, where scholars learn strategies and gain knowledge to enhance their ability to think critically and analytically, while we provide a safe and nurturing environment. Our mission is to prepare each individual to be a
 life-long learner in a global and technological society.





  • Every child is gifted and talented.


  • A cooperative partnership among the scholar, family, school, and community is essential for scholar academic growth and development.


  • Each scholar’s positive sense of self is critical for school achievement and success throughout life.


  • All scholars, families, and school personnel must be valued and treated with respect.


  • A school community should embrace cultural diversity, a spirit of learning, and mutual respect for all participants.

The uniqueness of the academy is its emphasis on promoting these three things: Balanced Literacy, Integrated Curriculum and Cognition (FIE) and enhancing thinking and reasoning. These three components provide a solid, coherent foundation for learning while allowing flexibility to meet both the Indiana State Standards and the Core Knowledge sequence. Our mission statement drives the Dr. Robert H. Faulkner Academy curriculum in two ways. First, students need to become competent in a technological society that requires analytical thinking, critical thinking, and reasoning. Second, we believe that, for many low-performing students in the Marion area, there is a strong need to provide different types of instruction and curriculum, supported by a strong professional development program, which will better enable students to perform well within the context of the Indiana Standards.


In today’s society, students must be successful thinkers. They must have orderly thinking habits. Students at the Academy will be able to become thinkers that are “thoughtful”.


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